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My Story

If It Has To Do With People, Health & Fitness, I Can Help!

I am a nationally certified fitness personal trainer. I’ve been involved in virtually all aspects of fitness since my teenage years. I’ve been called a fitness guru – I hate the idea of being a guru. I have also been dubbed “The Body Transformation Expert” (that I can deal with).

I’ve been a personal trainer to top corporate executives actress, producers, studio heads and entertainers. And I’ve even trained everyday people who are just as busy and want fast, permanent results just like the actors, producers and corporate execs. But I’m not telling you any of this to impress you. B2B_Fitness-1I’m telling you this to impress upon you that I know what it takes to get you lean and strong and that you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fluff free workout solutions that deliver real world results in the shortest amount of time possible. And don’t just take my word for it, just look at some of the successes I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of recently.

I hope to provide you with the same service that has allowed me to help countless happy clients transform their bodies & lives and create a raving success story.



Finding Time To Exercise and Stay Healthy Is a Challenge For Most Of Us.


I’m here to help you with that challenge and to keep you motivated and on task. Your decisions about diet, exercise and more would affect not only yourself, but your children as well.

For the past 10 years i have been helping People  just like you get into the best shape of their life and NOW it’s your turn.

I am here to show you how It CAN be done!

I have come into this career in Health & Fitness at a more ‘mature’ time in my life and so understand the difficulties faced with balancing kids, home, partners, work and YOU time. But I so strongly believe that the YOU time needs to be a priority if the other areas are going to get the best of you.

Helping other people has also been a passion and the day I realised that I could combine these two passions set me on a path that has since provided me with so much joy and satisfaction.

Now, let me share something a little more personal.

I love people, travel, adventure  and for me, nothing really beats having a good laugh!!! I am always seeking new things and ways to improve myself. I like taking good care of myself healthwise. When i give something, i give it my all whatever it may be. I love the finer things in life.  

My friends and family will probably say i have a positive outlook to life. I love being creative also i am systematic whether it is in business or personal. I don’t have a perfect body, I don’t have a perfect life, I don’t eat perfectly 24/7 and I don’t always have the perfect attitude to situations and people.  I am very much human. I have had a fairly large journey with my body over the past 45+ years.  Feelings ranging from hate, disgust & embarrassment; to amazement and joy; pride at my strength; and more recently acceptance and love.

I am learning to accept my flaws and faults and I have definitely come to really like (and yes, maybe even LOVE) the person that I’ve become and the package that I’m wrapped in.   It’s such an empowering feeling when you finally come to the realisation that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your own happiness.

I train for my speed, and I train for my endurance. When it comes to fitness, I want it all. But my training is more than just a physical outlet for my athletic abilities—it’s a way. I’m always looking for ways to push myself, to become better. I train for my strength, for me to train my mind to overcome obstacles. It’s about being strong enough to crush my responsibilities.

You too can learn to overcome those hard times in your life by pouring it into your training.

I would really love to help you on your journey.   Whether your goal is weight loss, self-acceptance, getting fitter or stronger, having more energy, looking and feeling comfortable in that pair of jeans that doesn’t fit anymore.

You can be confident that i will help you achieve your goals the fastest and safest way possible! That’s my promise to you.

Today, I’m going to show you some of my best-kept secrets that I use to push myself to be a better athlete, fitness competitor, and mental giant. ARE YOU READY?

If you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life and you are ready to start looking and feeling your best then Contact Me Today To Get Started.

Together we will make this the year that your health and fitness dreams becomes a reality.


My Philosophy

Bringing excellence with all i do is at the forefront of each action and every interaction. I know i can’t be perfect and i don’t even try. I know i can be excellent, therefore i choose to be excellent.Bootcamp

I understand that you don’t have much time and that’s why I have created programs to get you in and out and give you fast lasting fat loss and body toning results.

The time to start is now.

My Passion & Commitment

I am absolutely, passionately driven to help you get the health, vitality, body and energy of your dreams. It truly is my number one passion. It excites me. It brings me pleasure. If i can’t do it with passion my thought is why do it at all. You have my commitment to passionately support, guide and coach you in the way you want to be supported, guided and coached. This is my promise to you.

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