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The Best Results in Canterbury

The following is a small sample of success stories from BasseyFit clients that I have had the privilege of being able to work with to achieve lasting health & fitness results. I have literally hundreds of success stories and every success story you see below come from real people that got real results.

Just LISTEN to What Some of My Clients Have to Say….


“Amazing changes in my body, strength, and mind”


Bassey has transformed my body and mind; I am an older lady and through attending Bassey’s transformation program I am in the best condition and shape I have ever been; His determination to help you achieve your goals is so powerful, he instils within you a mighty energy that enables you to achieve your goals and more.

Karen Evans

“I have never felt strong and healthier than i do now.”


I was really out of shape and wanted to lose weight and get fit but I haven’t done any type of exercise God knows when. I was concerned that I won’t be able to get through the sessions but Bassey is awesome. He gets the best out of me.
I have lost over 5 stones and my health and fitness is on track. In the last 3 years I have completed Brigthon Marathon, two 10k races and 13 triathlon. I am still working towards my target weight/bodyfat percentage but with Bassey I am sure I will reach my goal.

Nick Young

“Best Investment You Can Make!”

Training with Bassey has been the best investment in my personal health and wellbeing. Bassey is welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He really motivates me to do the extra reps. He provides great variety in his workout programs and adjust the routines to suit individual needs.

Michael Wilshaw


Whether I was losing weight, toning up, or just increasing overall strength and stamina, Bassey program became a part of my life. It was a lifestyle that incorporated smart, healthy eating with a simple, yet extremely affective strength and cardio routine. Bassey provided a workout that kept my heart rate up and my muscles engaged, allowing me to loose weight and cut inches in less time than I thought possible. Through BasseyFit program, I have been able to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle which keeps me engaged and experiencing results at all times.

Andy Erridge

“I’m The Fittest And Healthiest I Have Ever Been”

I got bored with running and traditional classes and wanted to lose a few pounds, tone up and try something new. Then I met Bassey. I have lost several pounds and toned up. My stamina and strength have improved considerably. I am a lot fitter and eat healthier. Four years later, I’ve found that not only can I not stand to miss a week but have clients that I look forward to seeing and some that have become my friends.

Sarah Barnes

“One of the best things I have ever done and will continue to do.”


You never know what changes you can make until you actually commit to doing it. Bassey has helped change my life for the better. I have experienced significant changes to my overall wellbeing and health. I have lost over 40Ibs and on top of all this Bassey treats you like a family and he’s very welcoming to all people looking to change their life for the better.

Sarah Wrench

“It is such a positive, fun and supportive group with a diverse range of ages and fitness levels”


Before starting with Bassey, I did not feel good about the way I looked, had no energy and motivation and was really overweight. Bassey is the best trainer you could ever be lucky enough to work with. With his knowledge, support, encouragement and dedication he has helped me to get to where I am today. I am proud to say that after 8 months, I have lost over 32Ibs. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment & have learnt that hard work and determination really do pay off but nonetheless you need a great support system and that’s what Bassey gives you.
Bassey is bringing out a strong, confident, healthy and motivated side of me I did not know I have. I feel this is just the beginning to what I will be able to accomplish and I am.

Tara Fisher

“I cannot wait to go each time because it makes me incredibly happy!”

After doing some of his sessions I appreciated his work ethic and the preparation he puts into it. He is so enthusiastic and encouraging. My concentration span is short but Bassey never keeps you doing an exercise for too long as he also realises when you are worn out.
His commitment and knowledge of fitness is amazing. No two sessions are the same so I never get bored.

Rosie Pryce

“The level of motivation you get is second to none”

What a gift Bassey program is. I needed motivation to be pushed to lose weight and get fitter. I’m THRILLED to say I initially lost over a stone in weight, feel more tone, fitter and I have lots of energy to attend to other areas of my life. If you need to squeeze the most out of your workout, then you should consider the personalized training that Bassey offers.

Madeline Howling

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